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  What is the easiest way for me to contact IDCreator.co.uk?
Email your questions to support@IDCreator.co.uk or feel free to Contact Us.
  Can IDCreator.co.uk make a student, government-issued or fake ID?

Absolutely not! IDCreator.co.uk will never make or help you make a government issued identification card. That is illegal and IDCreator.co.uk will automatically cancel your order.

IDCreator.co.uk cannot print ANY student identification card without the written authorization from the school/college/univeristy.

As a courtesy, IDCreator.co.uk will remind all customers of IDCreator.co.uk's Conditions of Use during the checkout process. It is the customer's responsibility to read and understand the Conditions of Use before placing any order.

  Is there a minimum order or set up fee?
IDCreator.co.uk does not have any minimum order or set-up fees.
  What will my cards look like?

IDCreator.co.uk prints all cards on a credit-card size (CR80) 30mil PVC composite or Bio card with a professional ID card printer. IDCreator.co.uk offers the highest printing quality currently available on the market. Please note that IDCreator.co.uk will not proof-read your design for any typos or alignment checks. It is your responsibility to do so before placing your order.

  Does IDCreator.co.uk offer bulk discounts?

IDCreator.co.uk offers bulk discounts for any orders over 10 cards!

Please visit IDCreator.co.uk's Pricing Page for further discount information.

  Are there any IDCreator.co.uk video tutorials?
Yes, IDCreator.co.uk has a YouTube Channel with step-by-step Video Tutorials.
  Where can I find ID card templates?

IDCreator.co.uk offers a variety of customizable templates.

You can also use your own artistic imagination to create your design!

  How can I save my design on IDCreator.co.uk?

Please log on to your IDCreator.co.uk Account before starting to work on your design. When you are done editing your design you can save it by using the 'save' button on the left of the page.

Once saved, you will be able to locate your saved designs under the My Design tab.

  How can I create bulk uploads?

To create a bulk upload you will first have to design a variable template. Designing a variable template is quick and easy and will allow you to create ID Cards for your all organizations in minutes.

Once your bulk template is created you will be able to upload your information from an Excel spreadsheet or add new identities one by one.

  When do I need an authorization letter?

IDCreator.co.uk requires an authorization letter for any propitiatory and/or copyrighted element (logo, name, slogan...) printed on your design. Please visit our Condition of Use page for futher information.

The authorization letter must be written on an official company letterhead, stamped and dated by the responsible party. Please ensure that the authorization letter is emailed to IDCreator.co.uk at sales@idcreator.co.uk from an official company email address.

It is your responsibility to contact the responsible party and have them send the authorization letter. If you are unable to obtain an authorization letter, IDCreator.co.uk will provide you with the opportunity to modify your design or create a new one in line with IDCreator.co.uk's Conditions of Use.

  I am having some technical difficulties using IDCreator.co.uk, what should I do?

Most technical difficulties can be avoided by clearing your Internet Browser's cache and cookies.

Please note that IDCreator.co.uk recommends using Google Chrome when working on with the Badge Maker.

  What would my credit card receipt say?
IDCreator.co.uk is owned and operated by Abeville Enterprises Ltd. All Credit Card Receipts will reflect Abeville Enterprises Ltd as the company name.
  When will my cards arrive?

We aim to process and ship your order within 48 hours of receipt. Our standard shipping option typically takes 2-5 business days and 2 to 3 weeks for international orders. Faster shipping options are available if you need your order sooner.

Please note that if your design contains any copyrighted or propitiatory material such as logos or trademarked slogans you are required to send IDCreator.co.uk an authorization letter as soon as you process your order. Failure to do so will cause shipping delays.

  Does IDCreator.co.uk ship anywhere in the world?
IDCreator.co.uk is proud to ship anywhere in the world. Please visit your Shopping Cart the different shipping options and quotes available to your final location.